Prizes awarded for the most successful in citizen journalism

CIVIL – Center for Freedom awarded the prizes for the most successful journalists for stories that spoke about election vote buying, unfulfilled pre-election promises, young people leaving the country, abuse of minors for political purposes and spreading propaganda.

Testimony for vote buying, is the first prize winning story about vote buying on the day of the early parliamentary elections held on December 11, 2016. The citizen journalist wished to remain anonymous, having in consideration the sensitivity of the video testimony. Due to verification of the information that contained names of people who were involved in the vote buying, this story is published 3 months after the elections have ended.

The second prize winning video contribution Gjoroski: The City with state champions in swimming, without a city pool, was prepared jointly by Goran Karafiloski and Amdija Emini from Kicevo and Emin Rustemovski and Elzana Kadrieska from Struga.

A postmodern version of “Money Kills”, which was prepared by Ana Gjeorgjieva from Valandovo and Leonid Balamov and Simeon Tomov from Gevgelia, was the story that won the third prize from the committee, which speaks about young people leaving the country.

Ana Gjeorgjieva from Valandovo and Simeon Tomov from Gevgelia, third prize winners

Nationalist propaganda on a radio show playing on a city bus of the Public Transport Enterprise – Skopje is the topic of the video contribution submitted by a citizen journalist who wished to remain anonymous.

Public Transport Enterprise - Skopje driving VMRO-DPMNE propaganda for free!,

as the fourth winning contribution, indicates that drivers of the Public Transport Enterprise in some way are directly inciting interethnic incidents among young people on the busses, by putting on such nationalist propaganda shows, as assessed by citizens.

The committee awarded the second fourth prize for the photo story Political mobilization of minors in the middle of class, while the winner also wished to remain anonymous. The photo that was sent to us, is in fact an announcement that the high school students were reading during classes, as a motivation to join the protests “For a Joint Macedonia”.

Those who have a recording, photography or story on election irregularities, on violation of the voting right, on the abuses, pressures and threats, on vote buying, can be a part of the big family of citizen journalists who cooperate with CIVIL.

CIVIL encourages citizens to be active factors in the social changes and in overcoming the media darkness.


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