Stojkova: The problems are all around us!

CIVIL-Center for Freedom today awarded five prizes to citizen journalists who in the past two months have sent photo and video contents that testify to violation of human rights and freedoms, abuse of power, social (in)justice, environmental pollution…

Rosica Stojkova from Lozovo, who studies in Skopje, received the first prize in this cycle of awards, as part of the “Civic Lenses” project, for the video “Parliament of Republic of Macedonia: Not allowing the ambulance to enter”. We spoke with Stojkova about her motive to record a short video in a tense atmosphere, as were the events on April 27, when part of the supporters of the civil movement “For a Joint Macedonia” raged into Parliament and injured several MPs, journalists and police officers.

“The inhumanity of the people who were not allowing the ambulance to enter the Parliament, so as to help those injured, was a motive for me to reach for my phone and record the video”, says Stojkova.

According to her, the “Civic Lenses” project, which CIVIL is implementing for two years now with the support of the National Endowment for Democracy, contributed to her having more courage to record and take photos of the the problems that, as she says, are all around us.

The “Civic Lenses” project is dedicated to promoting responsible and transparent political processes in Republic of Macedonia, through trainings on citizen journalism, media production and strengthening public awareness.

CIVIL is encouraging citizens to be active participants in social changes and in overcoming the media darkness, so as to jointly contribute towards improving the situation and towards social changes.


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