Mahmuti: Through CIVIL I have the opportunity to fight for the truth!

Citizen journalist Vulnet Mahmuti recieved the second prize for the story  “The struggle for clean air is a real battle, with real victims”, which within the framework of the “Civic Lenses”  project was awarded by CIVIL’s jury-committee.

“The polluted air bothers me, just like the rest of the citizens, that is why I go to protests for clean air. That is not a cause for which only certain people should fight for, it is a struggle for all, for the future generations, not only for us”, said Mahmuti in a conversation for CIVIL Media.

He says it is not that much about the awards, but rather the fact that he can fight for the truth that is his true motive to continue in the search for new stories.

“The struggle to tell the truth, and through CIVIL I am enabled to do so, and for me that is a greater goal. The awards I receive, this is the second one, are a small motivation, but when the truth comes to light, that is a greater motivation”, says Mahmuti.

Citizen journalist Mahmuti urges all citizens “to not be afraid, to continue telling the truth, because the truth will win”.


Journalist: Моnika Taleska

Camera: Dehran Muratov

Editing: Еrmin Klimenta

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