The census is a statistical operation. The question is how a society should function. A country must have a census to be able to create policies, and we have the same census since 2002. We do not know how many we are and we need to create policies, zone parking, education. It all comes down to numbers, said the mayor of Gevgelija, Sasho Pockov, at the CIVIL panel "Census: Statistics, not politics."

- A strategic document should be made where decisions will be made based on it. When it comes to inventory, it is not just people who are listed, but also property. How do we know what zone parking to do if we do not know how many cars we have. The simple question is how I look at the census. The purpose of the census is a statistical operation that should give us an answer to everything. All municipalities lack a realistic assessment of property, ie property tax. In my opinion, this was a chance for the census to have a special form for the property from both legal entities and individuals, but the enumerators had to be selected earlier. All over the world, municipal funding comes mostly from property taxes.

In education, dual teaching requires more practice. We must encourage processes, not wait for them to happen. It all has to come from numbers. Without an inventory we will not know the capacity of the factories. In Gevgelija, 80-100 children cannot enroll in kindergarten. But where are those children from, from Gevgelija or from the management staff working in Gevgelija. The numbers must be known so that we can plan whether we will need more kindergartens in 5 years or not.

You need a number to create a policy. Also, we need to know approximately how many inhabitants there will be in the future in Gevgelija, so that we know how to plan for the future, said Pockov.

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