“Orange phase”: Workers on the field, inspections cannot keep up!

The editorial office of CIVIL Media received a video coming from the Municipality of Aerodrom showing workers working intensively on the reconstruction of the “ASNOM” boulevard, despite the recommendations of the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy for workers not to work outdoors between 11:00 am and 5:00 pm.

“An appeal to someone who knows where this can be reported and for someone to intervene so that workers do not die…In the sun, at temperatures above 50 degrees, and in addition – the evaporated asphalt stinks, you get sick just by passing by it”, wrote Damjan Temkov.

After CIVIL pointed out to him the open telephone lines for reporting violations of the recommendations, Temkov says that he received a reply that there are only three inspectors for all of Skopje, who just do manage to act upon all the reports, and that they also cannot stop the work if the employers do not decide to do so.

This morning, the competent Ministry came out with a statement in which they state: “The Ministry of Labor and Social Policy reminds employers of their obligation to respect the recommendations for the protection of workers, in relation to the announcements for unfavorable weather conditions. Having in consideration the forecast for an “orange phase” alert, we inform you about the recommendations of the Ministry of Health: Following the meeting of the Committee on heatwaves, it is recommended that in the following three days (from Friday to Sunday) pregnant women and persons over the age of 60 are to be released from work duties, while all other persons are to immediately contact their family doctors should they encounter any health problems.

Employers are advised to reorganize their working hours in the direction of avoiding activities outdoors in the period between 11:00 am and 5:00 pm, as well to provide rest under a shadow and plenty of fluids every two hours. Violation of the recommendations by employers can also be reported to the inspector on duty, who is coordinating the teams across the country, on the phone number 075/402 856.

Last month, following the  story of a citizen journalist of CIVIL about workers working outdoors at scorching temperatures, the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy opened a telephone line for reporting violations to the recommendations of the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy and of the Ministry of Health.

After the line was opened, the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy banned the work of 37 legal entities.


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