Fire near the village of Bojane

Yesterday, late in the afternoon, near the village of Bojane, a fire broke out on the mountain Zeden. The fire engulfed a large part of the mountain and was spreading very fast, writes a citizen journalist for CIVIL.

Despite the numerous reports to the fire department, they came late in the afternoon, and because of the inaccessibility of the terrain, they were not able to intervene.

Information was published on the website of the Government of Republic of Macedonia that this morning at 8:00 am teams of the Skopje Fire Brigade as well as the local population had started putting out the fire, along with the forestry enterprise Karadzica.

“The fire fighters were present in the village until late in the night, but could not react because the fire was burning in a very inaccessible terrain, high on the mountain, where there is no road, and no possibility to reach the place with cars. The fire fighters had been called by the local community of the village of Bojane”, told a resident of the village to the citizen journalist.

Fire on Zeden, today

The local community of the village of Bojane published on their Facebook Page: “Fire on the mountain Zeden!”. They called on fire fighters and the local population to be prepared for a quick reaction should the fire continue to spread towards the village.

Currently, the situation on the ground is calm, and the fire is slowly extinguishing.


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