CIVIL invites everyone who is interested to participate in the #CivicLenses project and to become part of the big family of citizen journalists across the world, who change society with their writings. With every published video or photography on the topics of violation of human rights and freedoms, abuse, injustice, corruption, hate speech and false news, citizens contribute to more responsible and more transparent institutions.

When it comes to CIVIL, citizen journalists in addition to having space for publishing without censorship, they also have at the same time the opportunity to become potential winners of one of the five valuable prizes for citizen journalism that ЦИВИЛ awards every two months. Participation can be anonymous as well.

“The next awarding ceremony will be held on May 30 (Thursday) at café Menada in the Old Town in Skopje. The deadline for submitting writings with a photo or video story is May 19 (Wednesday), 5.00 pm. Materials received after this date will be taken into consideration for a prize in the last awarding cycle for this year. Therefore, hurry!” – announces CIVIL’s “Civic Lenses” project implementation team.

In addition to the above-mentioned topics, videos may also be sent for the #IDemandanAnswer initiative . The idea of this initiative is for citizens to ask politicians, public figures or an institution a question through a video or selfie video, and CIVIL will publish the recording on its online channels. If the question is provocative or if the citizens simply wish to remain anonymous, they have the option to record an object or a given situation while asking the question. Civic Lenses is a project of CIVIL that opens an opportunity for citizens to publish their stories freely and without censorship. The project is financed by National Endowment for Democracy.

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