CIVIL event: Latest knowledge on the Russia-Ukraine crisis and the dangers to the region and the world

CIVIL is organizing a panel discussion on the topic “Rissia-Ukraine crisis and North Macedonia” on February 9 (Wednesday), at 1.00 pm, at CIVIL’s press center located in the “Paloma Bjanka” Business Center in Skopje.


Knowledge and analyses on this topic will be shared with the public by: Ambassador of Ukraine, Н.Е. Natalia Zadorozhnyuk, Project Manager of “Disinformation and information distortion in North Macedonia”, Rosana Aleksoska from the Citizen’s Association MOST, Dean of the Faculty of Law at “Vision” University – Gostivar and first woman to obtain PhD at the Military Academy, Vesna Poposka, as well as journalists and analysts Aleksandar Nikolic Pisarev and Ljubomir Kostovski. Moderator of the event will be Xhabir Deralla, President of CIVIL and Editor-in-Chief of CivilMedia, otherwise author of several analyses on this topic, and on topics related to the different aspects of the hybrid war.

This is the first of the announced series of panel discussions of CIVIL on current world and domestic topics, which will be held at least once a week, from the beginning of February, every Wednesday, starting at 1.00 pm.

Among the most exceptionally interesting and current topics chosen by CIVIL’s team is also the most current topic worldwide – the Russia-Ukraine crisis


The event will discuss the threat to Ukraine’s independence, sovereignty and peace, the solidarity and support of North Macedonia to this friendly country, the disinformation and propaganda against Ukraine’s sovereignty and freedom.

The event will be with combined presence of participants, online and with physical presence, and will also be broadcast on CIVIL’s online channels, YouTube and

The media and others who are interested will have the opportunity to ask questions by email at [email protected] during the entire event.