On Europe Day, CIVIL calls for defence, advancement and promotion of European values

CIVIL congratulates all citizens of the Republic of North Macedonia and Europe on Europe Day.

On May 9, European values are celebrated, which are the basis of the European Union. Respect for human dignity and human rights, freedom, democracy, equality and the rule of law are the fundamental values of the European Union to which all member states of the most dynamic and most progress union of states in the world are committed to.

As an organization for human rights and freedoms, CIVIL for two decades has been determinedly advocating for respect for human rights and freedoms, freedom, justice, equality and the rule of law, which are part of the European and universal human values.

We celebrate Europe Day, May 9, in exceptionally difficult and complex circumstances. A coronavirus pandemic, economic crisis and recession, rise of radicalism, xenophobia and authoritarian tendencies in several countries in Europe mark this period.

CIVIL highlights the importance of European values and calls on all individuals, communities, institutions and political or civic organizations at all levels in the country and in Europe, to double their efforts for defence, advancement and promotion of these values, everywhere and at all times.

EU membership has been and remains one of the highest national goals and strategic interests of the Republic of North Macedonia since its founding. We live in a period of challenges when, by accepting and fostering European values, every one of us can make a valuable contribution to the EU integrations and to the improvement of the lives of all citizens of our country, but also of Europe.

Macedonian citizens have an exceptional opportunity to contribute to our country being a leader and European example for respect for European values, and thus improve the quality of living in this period, difficult for the entire world.

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