“If we have jobs, we will have everything!”

At the second two-day workshop of the second cycle of the “Civic Lenses” project, which organized by CIVIL – Center for Freedom was held in Veles, participants divided in several groups participated in lectures, but also in a practical part – workshop on citizen journalism and recording footage on the streets of Veles. CIVIL Media today is publishing the material of citizen journalists Zagorka Trajkovsa, Liljana Nonevska and Dino Klimenta, who spoke with members of a poor Roma family on how they survive in inhumane conditions, without water and electricity, on their unsuccessful search for work and assistance, and about their modest desire to buy liquid powder for their four children who have the measles…


“I have no house, no food, not even something to drink”, says Ragbet Destanova, a mother of four young children, unemployed just like her husband.

“We are looking for work, nobody is helping us, not for work, or for anything else…There is nothing for us. We manage to find food somehow, from the neighbors, some give us this, others that…If only someone could give my husband a job, that is the basic thing. If we had jobs, we would have everything. It would be nice to have one member in the house working…We live very miserably. May God hear us! And may the people help us”, wished the citizen journalists’ interlocutor.


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