CIVIL Media’s story about Viktor Toshevski that stirred fierce reactions in the public, has also reached Victor’s school.

His story is yet another proof that the pressures of the public have to continue awakening the sleeping institutions in this handicapped society.

Toshevski, after the story was published on CIVIL Media, received a new portable computer from the State Music and Ballet Educational Centre Ilija Nikolovski Luj, and according to his mother’s words, currently a solution is being found for his transportation. Viktor is enjoying the support of his professors and classmates.

This step of the school is commendable. However, this family’s struggle will not and should not stop here. We hope that this story will awaken all the institutions that are obliged to provide equal conditions for Viktor and all other students, who in addition to the everyday difficulties are also faced with the disabilities of the society in which they live.

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