Awards for the most successful stories of citizen journalists

CIVIL – Center for Freedom today presented the awards for the most successful stories of citizen journalists for the past two months.

At the beginning of the awarding ceremony, Xhabir Deralla, President of CIVIL, introduced the audience with the Civic Lenses project and the opportunities for their contribution in creating social changes.

Suada Muratova, fourth prize winner

Suada Muratova won one of the fourth prizes for the photo story “Vehicles are usurping the bicycle trails”, which shows the traffic chaos at the expense of bicyclists. “Nationalistic campaign of the Kyosetos“, is also a photo story that shows nationalistic content, messages that have appeared on several vehicles in the underground parking of the City Shopping Center. Due to the sensitivity of the story, the winner wished to remain anonymous.

Vesna Bojkovska, third prize winner

Vesna Bojkovska, student in the secondary school “Georgi Dimitrov” accepted the third prize for the story “Students of secondary school Georgi Dimitrov donated for the Stefanovski family” , which was made by the students of this school. More specifically, the high school students initiated an action for collecting donations following posts that were made on Facebook asking for donations for the poor Stefanovski family from Kumanovo. During their visit to the family, they made a video and photo story that speaks about life in poverty, or as they say from the family, “they live in conditions worse than hell”.

The winner of the second prize for the story “Hate Speech on Macedonia Square” wanted to remain anonymous due to the explicit content of hate speech of a fan group that the video story contains.

Damjan Temkov won the first prize for cooperative journalism with CIVIL’s journalist team for the story “The state has no ear for my blind son” about Viktor Toshevski, a high school student and musician, born with impaired eyesight.

First prize winner for the story “The state has no ear for my blind son”

Damjan revolted from the everyday obstacles his student faces, raised his story to the public. Damjan handed his prize to Viktor for his courage and sacrifice.

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