CIVIL is always in defence of human rights and fights uncompromisingly against corruption, hate speech and false news

CIVIL’s media platform has been entirely, for many years, offering citizens the possibility to engage in monitoring and reporting of problems in several areas. Hence, the CIVIC LENSES website is part of the media space where cases in the following areas can be reported:







In addition to this type of reporting and communication with the organization, everyone can also call or come to CIVIL, at any time. CIVIL’s teams and long-term observers of the situation of human rights throughout the country are always available to the citizens.

CIVIL is an entirely open organization that is always ready to defend human rights and fight uncompromisingly against corruption, hate speech and false news.

CIVIL’s media platform includes nine web portals of which most are in three languages (Macedonia, Albanian and English). They are visible, legible and shared websites, where readers know that they will read useful information, unburdened with the commercial race for more clicks.

CIVIL’s media platform is a true online library with reports, educational contents and deep analyses that are the result of findings coming directly from the field. It is space where the Editorial publishes uncensored contents and various, at times, completely opposing views. And most importantly, it is space for the citizens, regardless of their affiliation or determination.

It is good to always have in mind that CIVIL’s media platform was created in 2009, a time of media darkness and structural violence in the country. Even today it still is space for criticism, learning and timely information.

On behalf of the Editorial and on behalf of CIVIL, the organization for human rights and freedoms that we established in 1999, I would like to express my sincere and deep gratitude for the support, criticism and trust of all of you.

Xhabir Deralla
President of CIVIL and Chief Editor of CIVIL Media


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