I demand an answer!

Several members of CIVIL started a very interesting initiative these days, which we called “I demand an answer!”. What is it more specifically about?

It is about making a video or selfie video in which you ask a politician or public figure a question, which we will publish on our online channels. You may also remain anonymous, so instead of recording yourselves, you can record a certain situation.

In this way we will remind politicians and public figures that they have an obligation to be transparent and responsible. Isn’t it so that elected representatives of the people, as well as those on the public scene, have an obligation to give a report to those who have elected them or before whom they appear, and to also serve the citizens of this country.

Therefore, choose a politician or public figure who you would ask a question. Send the questions in a video format (selfie video) on CIVIL’s Facebook page (private message) or at [email protected]. Videos in which the authors do not appear will be considered anonymous, and therefore we will not disclose their identity. In any case, we need to know your identity and contact, which we will not reveal.

We thank you for your interest and trust.


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