Call for participation in seminar for citizen journalists in Prilep


CIVIL is continuing with the regional seminars for citizen journalists throughout the country. This time Prilep is on the map of Civic Lenses. The seminar will be held on April 28 (Saturday).

All you need to do is register on the following link and bring with you the desire to conquer new spaces where citizen journalists are part of the journalism that reports without fear and without services. You can also register on the following form.


Citizens of the municipalities of Prilep, Krivogastani, Dolneni, Krusevo and Demir Hisar have the right to participate. This call is part of the Civic Lenses project and is the seventh within the new series of seminars for training of citizen journalists throughout the country. #CivicLenses is a project that combines research, media activities and activism, which are the basis for long-term election observation. This project has been contributing to the development of citizen journalism in the country for the third year now. The main goal of the Civic Lenses project is to contribute to transparent and responsible political processes, to strengthen public awareness, policies and practices related to human rights, the right to vote and the political processes, and to alert the domestic and international public about fraudulent practices in the election processes and in general.

If you consider that you have enough will, enthusiasm and a fighting spirit, hurry and register!

M. I.

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