Bacovska: It is necessary for politicians to be media literate, and for parties to increase their social responsibility

We have to have quality political communication, and for this, primarily, education on media literacy for politicians is necessary, but also raising the level of social responsibility of political parties, considers professor Jasna Bacovska, who at CIVIL’s elections reforms conference spoke about the problems with party abuse of the media, manifested, among else, also with the phenomenon of false news.


“If a certain portal is politically close to us, we shouldn’t misuse it, we must not harm society”, outlined Bacovska.

She says that paid political advertising is the easier part of the problem of the media representation of the parties.

“What is much more dangerous is the diffuse propaganda during elections, and that is the quality of the political communication. But this is not just a problem here, it’s a problem everywhere. However, in that area we have a slightly bigger problem because we don’t have quality media. In Britain, you can have all kinds of fake news, but at the end you will open the “Guardian”, says Bacovska.

“Here, with such portals, you see what is happening. We are completely defocused from the real problems, they are doing huge damage”, she said.

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