One more successful seminar in Veles

Representatives of civil society organizations, young journalists, lawyers and interested citizens from Veles, Caska, Lozovo, Gradsko and Negotino, were part of the seminar on citizen journalism in Veles that was organized by CIVIL – Center for Freedom.

How citizen journalism changed the world and how can it contribute to transparent and accountable processes in the community, municipalities and the entire society? – were some of the questions which CIVIL’s team tried to answer at this dynamic and interactive seminar. The participants at the seminar had the opportunity to learn about the “Civic Lenses” project and to gain practical knowledge in the area of journalism, media literacy and civic participation.

The participants at the seminar in Veles shared information and experiences about the life and challenges in the municipalities of Veles, Caska, Lozovo, Gradsko and Negotino. Following this seminar, CIVIL is expecting more excellent stories from these municipalities that will contribute to positive changes and revealing of bad practices in the institutions.

CIVIL’s next seminar for citizen journalists will be held in Prilep on April 28. All those who are interested may apply to the call for participation.

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