We are the media in Kavadarci

On June 10 (Saturday), CIVIL – Center for Freedom is organizing a workshop on citizen journalism in Kavadarci, in which a dozen interested citizens will participate.

The great interest for citizen journalism is an additional motivation for CIVIL’s  team for educating a larger number of citizen journalists, who will be part of the big family of active citizens that will positively impact the political and social changes at the local and central level.

Following the theoretical part of the training, citizen journalists in Kavadarci will also have practical work with recording video stories, taking photos, conducting surveys…, after which there will be an evaluation of their work.

For more contents related to the project and the activities of the citizen journalists, like the Facebook Page Citizen.Journalists.МК and visit the website www.clp.mk.

Citizen journalism is a new wave of media freedom that promotes objective and uncensored informing worldwide, using the technological benefits and reaching the public through the Internet and social media, faster than traditional media.

The “Civic Lenses” project is supported by National Endowment for Democracy.


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