Appealing photos of the Stip hospital

The situation in the Macedonian health care is far from ideal, while the conditions in which the hospitals work in along with the treatment and care for the patients have been a reason in recent years for citizens to direct their revolt towards the Ministry of Health.

A citizen journalist who wishes to remain anonymous, has sent photos to CIVIL – Center for Freedom  that testify to the catastrophic situation of the Department of physical therapy within the Clinical Hospital in Stip.

The photos had been published on the Facebook Page Stipska idila (Stip idyll), and the citizen journalist reports that despite efforts to appeal for this department to be renovated, no measures have been taken.

Responsibility is requested from the director, but the medical staff that works at the department of physical therapy – the “Stip Chernobyl”, as the citizen journalist calls it in our conversation, are also called upon to finally raise their voice for renovating the department and improving the working conditions that will not endanger the lives of patients.


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