CIVIL’s office target of vandalism with threatening and insulting messages

CIVIL’s office again is a target of vandalism with threatening and insulting messages. The panel in the little courtyard behind the office of the organization that is used for meetings and public statements has been pushed on the ground, and a shovel put on top of it. The sign with the logo of the organization and the sign “Free Zone” right underneath it have been torn, with trash being dumped in front of the door. The word “Nazi” has been engraved on the door with a sharp object.

This is not the first time for CIVIL to be targeted. The organization and its representatives are constantly under attack by nationalists and radicals, and even by senior officials of certain political parties and political structures.

Immediately after the April 27 events in 2017, CIVIL’s office was robbed, when laptops and the electronic archives of the organization were stolen. The case was never solved.

In 2018, vulgar words and symbols were written on CIVIL’s sign.

On the night between June 29 and 30, unknown perpetrators, with an obvious political agenda, try to send threatening and insulting messages to the organization. The case has immediately been reported to the police.

CIVIL is an organization of human rights and freedoms, formed in 1999, which enjoys enormous trust and support from citizens of all communities, with different beliefs and orientations. This act of vandalism can only encourage all well-intentioned and progressive citizens, and especially CIVIL’s supporters, to continue with their good work.

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