Much more than a CIVIL press conference, without cocktails and entertainment

Why and how was CIVIL formed in 1999. What are the organization’s basic objectives and structure? Why will the organization’s 20th anniversary celebration not be with cocktails and entertainment, but with events and messages on current pressing topics? What events are being organized in the last days of November and during December?

These are the questions that CIVIL will answer at tomorrow’s press conference (Sunday, November 24), at Hotel City Park (next to the Municipality of Center), starting at 12 noon. The meeting with the media is held ahead of the numerous events being organized until the end of December.

A big conference with the participation of President Stevo Pendarovski and most prominent civil society experts and leaders will be held on November 29, in the Museum of the City of Skopje. Saso Ordanoski, Mirjana Najcevska, Aleksandar Krzalovski, Fani Karanfilovska Panovska, Albert Musliu, Savka Todorovska, Ibrahim Mehmeti and other well-known civil society experts and leaders are on the list of conference speakers who have confirmed so far. Despite the great number of participants, the conference will last two hours, as the organizers request that participants express their messages in no more than 180 seconds.

Among other activities during this period, CIVIL will also hold a panel discussion on the occasion of December 3, International Day of Rights of Disabled Persons. A freedom festival and multimedia event on the occasion of December 10, International Human Rights Day will also be organized. Furthermore, CIVIL will speak about the fight against corruption, the electoral process, the challenges and perspectives of North Macedonia ahead of 2020.

As always, in addition to the media, tomorrow’s press conference is open to all interested citizens.

CIVIL Communication Team




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