Angelov: We must know how much we are in order to be able to develop

“The census is a complex statistical operation. Macedonia must conduct a census. It is held in every state every 10 years. We have not had a census since 2002, and without a census we can not have successful policies in economics, energy, education, agriculture, etc.”, said Zoran Angelov, coordinator of the advisory group of SDSM, at the CIVIL panel “Census: Statistics, not politics.”

“We must know how much we are in order to be able to develop. No census should be given a political connotation. The census will say how many are at home and how many have been abroad for more than 12 months. The emigration of young people is unfortunately very large and therefore we must know how many emigrated, at what age they are and to see their education. In the column for ethnicity, everyone will be listed how they feel. I hope for a successful census in compliance with all measures recommended by the Commission for Infectious Diseases and all must adhere to those measures. I hope there will be no obstruction and I call for a mass census,” Angelov said.

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