Public Transport Enterprise driving VMRO-DPMNE propaganda for free!

During the protests of the supporters of VMRO-DPMNE in Skopje against, as they say, “bilingualism and redefining of the state”, in a bus of the Public Transport Enterprise – Skopje a radio show of Radio Free Macedonia was playing on the radio in which the host, Aleksandar Stankovski, who is also one of the loudest supporters of the government, spoke about the splitting of the country, about an aggression from Kosovo, and also about an alleged scenario of foreigners…?!

The citizen journalist who wishes to remain anonymous, yesterday sent a recording of part of the speech on the radio – the radio show that was playing on the radio of a bus with route number 53 that drives to Katlanovska Banja (Katlanovo Thermal Bath) and is considered as one of the routes where there are citizens of all ethnic communities riding.

“I asked the bus driver why he had turned on such a radio show in which nationalistic propaganda was being spread? The driver did not say anything, he just kept silent”, says the anonymous journalist.

He added that there had been comments from citizens in that the drivers of the Public Transport Enterprise in some way are directly inciting interethnic incidents among young people on the bus, by putting on such nationalist propaganda shows.

For the irony to be even greater, while the propagandistic radio show was playing on how much the Macedonians should love and defend their country from some sorts of foreign influences that want to spilt it and introduce bilingualism, there was text in Macedonian and Albanian constantly being displayed on the signal board of the bus.

A week ago, in the “Kurir” news there was a text that the Public Transport Enterprise –Skopje also supports the civil initiative “For a Joint Macedonia”, which advocates for “preserving the unity and sovereignty of the state”.


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