Citizen journalists with distressing stories from Stip

Distressing stories of social (in)justice, poverty, negligence of the institutions and health care, violation of workers’ rights, are just some of the stories that were prepared by the participants at the seminar on citizen journalism in Stip.

The fifth regional seminar on citizen journalism of CIVIL – Center for Freedom was held in Stip on March 25-26. The seminar was attended by interested citizens from the municipalities of Stip, Oblesevo, Vinica, Kocani, Probistip, Delcevo, Berovo and Makedonska Kamenica.

At the first day of the seminar on citizen journalism, the participants gained theoretical knowledge on citizen activism, on online activism and on the basics of journalism in Macedonia. Following the outstanding  field work in the center of Stip, on Sunday, the evaluation of their video and photo materials showed that there are bold, skilled and active citizens.

CIVIL is encouraging them to continue with the struggle for a better society with their activities that contribute towards transparent and accountable political processes in the country.

Their stories will be published on CIVIL’s special website for citizen journalism, and the most successful ones on

“Citizen jiurnalism” is a project that combines research, media activities and activism, which are the basis for long-term monitoring of the human rights situation, the political processes and elections. This project has been contributing to the development of citizen journalism in the country for the second year now.

The project is supported by the foundation National Endowment for Democracy.


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