Citizen journalism is winning over Struga

Be part of the community of millions of citizen who are changing the face of media, and thus, of society!  CIVIL – Center for Freedom is announcing: Regional seminar for citizen journalism finally in Struga! Smart, active and brave – that is the short description for citizen journalists all over the world.

The seminar will be held on March 18 and 19 (Saturday and Sunday) at Hotel “Мontenegro” starting at 11:00am, on Saturday. Citizens from the municipalities of Struga, Ohrid, Debar, Centar Zupa, Kicevo, Belcista and Debarca have the right to take part in the seminar.

This is the fourth seminar on citizen journalism, following the three successful seminars that were held in BitolaVeles and Strumica.

The innovativeness in the reporting methods puts citizen journalists on the front line of objective and timely informing about their own experiences and testimonies, and thus contribute towards breaking the media darkness in the country without censorship and without fear.

All those interested in participating in the seminar can apply by filling out the оnline form on a computer or mobile phone, which takes just a few minutes. Candidates can also apply through the email address of [email protected], with a short biography (no more than 10 lines), in which the candidates briefly describe their skills and express their readiness for participating in the seminar. Accommodation and travel expenses (for participants travelling from more remote municipalities) will be covered by CIVIL. For more information, you may contact us at 02/5209176, or write a message on [email protected] or on the Facebook page of Citizen Journalists.

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The Civic Lenses project is financially supported by National Endowment for Democracy.


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