Political mobilization of minors in the middle of class

An anonymous citizen journalist sent a photo of an announcement that was circulating these days in a high school in the center of Skopje. According to the report of the citizen journalist, students were reading this announcement out loud during class, something that only the school leadership can approve.

Several professors in this high school opposed the reading of the announcement and did not allow the students to read it during their classes.

In the same school, students in the afternoon school shift were released from classes in order to participate at the protests organized by the association “For a Joint Macedonia”.

CIVIL is familiar with the data on the school and with other details of this illegal indoctrination and political mobilization of minors. In the text below, we are publishing the content of the announcement and the photo that was sent to us by the citizen journalist:

High school students, friends

It is time for our voice also to be heard. Our position is clear. We want to live in a unitary and sovereign Macedonia. We want the quality of a person and their knowledge to be appreciated in Macedonia, and not for the future to be decided along ethnic lines and blackmail.

We the high school student do not accept blackmail.

High school students want a unitary Macedonia in which the individual will be a priority, and not the ethnic rights.

Our call should be the loudest, our rights the most important. Therefore, let us also raise our voice loudly and say NO! NO FOR DESINTEGRATION OF THE STATE! WE WILL NOT KEEP SILENT, OR STAND ASIDE, WE WHO ARE THE FUTURE OF MACEDONIA.

We shall see you today at 15.00 to express our revolt.


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