Young people from Veles also want to become citizen journalists!

Due to the great interest of ciizens for citizen journalism, CIVIL – Center for Freedom held a workshop in Veles on Wednesday, as part of the “Civic Lenses” project. A dozen of young people from Veles, following the theoretical part of the training, also carried out the practical part of the workshop, by recording video stories, taking photos, conducting surveys, writing news...

Citizen journalists from Veles made efforts to contribute to objective reporting, by using the latest technological benefits and working on current topics at the state level, such as unemployment and emigration of the youth, but also at the local level – opening of a cinema,...

The lecturers from CIVIL’s team succeeded in bringing citizen journalism closer to those interested in Veles in an innovative manner, as another attempt for a new wave of media freedom that will promote objective and uncensored informing.

The “Civic Lenses” project is supported  by National Endowment for Democracy.


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