Viktor’s love elegy

The State Music and Ballot School Center – Ilija Nikolovski Luj, yesterday granted the awards for best students for the 2017-2018 school year. In addition to Ivona Bazgalovska, a student in the instrumental department and Hristina Pecovska, a student in the ballet department, this year Viktor Toshevski was awarded for best student in the theoretical department, a student with impaired vision.

After the awarding ceremony, Viktor played his composition “Love Elegy” on the piano.

CIVIL Media in cooperation with citizen journalist Damjan Temkov published several stories on Viktor, on his successes, but also on the daily obstacles a student with impaired vision faces.

“A forest of billboards, automobiles, shafts, holes, assistance that is constantly late, one bus ticket without someone to accompany you, disregard and discrimination by the institutions, are all part of the everyday life of high school student and musician Viktor Tosevski, who was born with impaired vision.

“Music is Viktor’s life…”, this is how CIVIL Media together with his professor of harmony began Viktor’s story seven months ago.

According to the words of his professor Damjan Temkov, Viktor is one of the best students in class, who although is different from the others, successfully overcomes all challenges and obviously is advancing. This conclusion was confirmed also with yesterday’s awarding for best student in his department.

The story awoke the institutions, and several days after the story on Viktor was published, his school reacted already, from where he received a new notebook computer.

The story of citizen journalist Damjan Temkov, professor at the State Music and Ballot School Center – Ilija Nikolovski Luj, for his student Viktor Tosevski, which caused a storm of reactions in the public, but also started awakening the institutions, was also one of the of first-prize stories of citizen journalists that CIVIL awards every two months.

“It is interesting how these reactions that have appeared following the publishing of the story have reflected on the rights that Viktor has a s a student. My motive arose from a moment when Viktor was unable to come to school, because he had no conditions for that. Contrary to those who take enormous amount of funds for travel expenses, and are leading this country, there is a child that cannot go to school”, stated Temkov.

He gave the first prize to the Tosevski family, instead of receiving it. “This prize belongs to you”, said Temkov, with which he caused a roaring applause from those present in the hall. Viktor’s story and the gesture of his professor, also encouraged the second-prize journalist, who wished to remain anonymous, to give his prize to the Tosevski family, with hope that he will be able to ease his everyday school obligations at least a little bit.

“The time I had to speak in front of the cameras was short, I could have spoken and told more. But I also want the things I say to have value…To reach where they really need to. Such free media where we can turn to are rare. It is truly an honor for me to be here today, even though I didn’t know what it was about and I am really grateful to professor Temkov”, stated Lepa Tosevska, Viktor’s mother.

“I am happy that all of this has a reaction, and I thank you very much!”, replied Viktor excitedly.

CIVIL – Center for Freedom encourages and invites all citizens to take part in the seminars for citizen journalists, to send their stories and to become part of the force that slowly but surely changes the situation in society.

Viktor’s story is just one illustration of the problems in society and the way in which changes can be encouraged.

Viktor is an inspiration and a motive for his classmates and proof that when something is truly wanted it can be fulfilled, regardless of all obstacles in life! Congratulations Viktor! CIVIL is proud of you!

Maja Ivanovska

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