Captured dogs are being dumped in the Mavrovo area!

A citizen journalist sent photos to CIVIL of dogs that have been dumped in the surrounding area of Mavrovo, with a text that reads: “The situation is crucial, according to unofficial information, the dogs have been brought from other cities with vans, in organization of the municipal authorities”. According to the citizen journalist that wanted to remain anonymous, some activists who had helped in providing food and in feeding the dogs, told him that, allegedly, people from the restaurants in the area had been poisoning the dogs!

“The dogs are hungry and sick, they are at risk of being attacked by wolves living in the mountain…The competent institutions have to react and find those who are dumping the dogs here”, writes the citizen journalist. He reminds of the Ohrid example, from where dogs were dislocated

to a landfill in Bukovo with a vehicle of the municipal communal service.

The citizen journalist contacted the activists, animal lovers, who in cooperation with the civic initiation “Cane Corso”, had went on the field to feed the dogs and give them proper therapy. According to the

agreement, the activists will be going on the ground two times a week, until all the dogs have been adopted.

“We are making efforts to place them somewhere where they will not be outdoors. But we cannot do this by ourselves, we also need all of you to help them and provide the dogs with regular food, accommodation or veterinary therapy, if needed by some of the dogs”, state the members of “Cane Corso”.

They indicate that every assistance and donation is welcome, from food and medical treatment, transportation and temporary accommodation, to adoption…

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