CIVIL awards five new awards for citizen journalism

CIVIL – Center for Freedom, on October 26 (Friday), at Opera House Hotel (behind the University Library) in Skopje, starting at 12.00 noon, will be awarding prizes for the most successful citizen journalists in the past two months.

The awarded stories speak about social problems, violation of human rights and freedoms, abuses and injustices, hate speech…

CIVIL invites all citizens to participate in the #CivicLenses Project, and to become part of the big family of citizen journalists around the world who, with their activism, are changing society.

Furthermore, citizens may send videos also for the initiative #IDemandanAnswer. The idea of this initiative is, through a video or selfie video, for citizens to ask politicians or public figures questions, and CIVIL will publish the recording on its online channels. If the question is provocative, or if the citizens simply want to remain anonymous, citizen can record a subject or a certain situation while they are asking the question. Depending on the answer and the reaction of the institutions or those competent to whom the question is addressed to, these videos also enter the awarding cycle.

Civil Lenses is a project of CIVIL that opens opportunities for citizens to publish their stories freely and without censorship. The project is financed by National Endowment for Democracy.

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