Ristov: Citizen journalism defies false news

„My experience with CIVIL is positive. As an organization it publishes realistically everything that most of the media don’t want. Citizen journalism is based on facts through videos, photos, always contended. The existence of citizen journalism contributes greatly, especially at the local level, having in consideration that there are only two local portals in Veles that cannot cover all the topics in the city, therefore it would be good for us to take up more space“, Dejan Ristov.

Citizen journalism itself can be very helpful in the area of good governance, through the tool for free access to public information for monitoring the spending of citizens’ public money. On the one hand, municipalities become accountable and transparent, and on the other hand, citizens receive specific information of their concern, namely, the services that the municipalities offer the citizens. In this way, deadlines are respected, they know exactly from which municipal employees they are to receive a given service. Thus, the level of corruption is reduced.

Citizen journalism defies false news quite a bit, given that in the recent past they took up huge space in the media informing, and they have still not been eliminated.

In citizen journalism there is no sensationalism, rather facts argued with a video or photo, opposed to the sensationalistic headlines and false news beneath them.

Biljana Jordanovska
Kamera: Atanas Petrovski
Montage: Arian Mehmeti

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