Memeti: We must start a campaign as soon as possible to include all Roma children in education

Elvis Memeti, advisor for Roma inclusion in the Government of the RSM, at the CIVIL debate “At the “ball”” for the human rights of the Roma referred to the most vulnerable categories in the Roma community.

Human rights are a constant topic that affects citizens. As a counselor for Roma inclusion, I can say a little about how it was and how we are going.

We have managed to create a class of educated people who can take responsibility and talk and do something more for their community. In terms of the measures that the government is taking, I undoubtedly started from this segment, we must shift our focus to the most vulnerable. We have a category of people who have no education and are not in the education system. We must start a campaign as soon as possible with the ministries and the non-governmental organization for the inclusion of all Roma children in education.

I would like to address 3 main goals: the first is the purpose of stabilization, here I mean a stable system in which all categories will be included. in the new strategy, special attention must be paid to the most vulnerable categories. Adequate housing must be provided in all Roma neighborhoods. The government has set aside 2m euros for Roma officials to be able to perform their duties properly.