CIVIL: We are Europe!

Europe Day is a day of peace and unity among all citizens, a day when human rights and freedoms, equality and multiculturalism are celebrated. CIVIL congratulates Europe day to all citizens of North Macedonia and Europe.

This day belongs to Europe, to all the people, states, nations and communities who live on this continent and to all who dream of the European dream.

Human rights and freedoms, democracy, fostering multiculturalism through equality, equitable representation, inclusion, non-discrimination and respect for diversity between people and communities are the basis of the European values.

The team and all supporters and members of CIVIL, as an organization for human rights and freedoms, sincerely and devotedly promote and advocate for European values in all areas of their action.

On the occasion of Europe Day, May 9, CIVIL has prepared a video of the Initiative “Make a Difference: Respect Diversity”. The video is a short postcard of the activities of the team of some public figures and civil activists who support the Initiative.

CIVIL is implementing the project “European Perspectives – next level”, which unites a huge number of activities of the Organization for promotion of European values, but also for fighting hybrid threats and information chaos. Through it, the Organization gives specific contribution and support to the European perspectives of North Macedonia.

Only together, by respecting diversity, fostering multiculturalism and European values, we can overcome all difficulties challenges faced by the European and world community.

We are Europe!

Happy Europe Day!



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