Zikov: The political scene must serve the citizens

The editor-in-chief of “Capital” Ljupcho Zikov, at the panel discussion of CIVIL spoke about the census from an economic point of view.

I am glad that the economy is given the opportunity to express itself in such a situation.

In 30 years, in the Republic of North Macedonia, politicians do not seem to be aware of many things. Unfortunately, Macedonian politicians do not understand the meaning of the existence of a political scene. The political scene does not exist for their careers or their lives. They do not realize that they should serve the citizens in several areas. It is anachronistic and stupid to say that Macedonia has numbers from the 2002 census.

If we start with the fact that that census in 2002 was made post-conflict, with perhaps completely inaccurate data due to the displacement in that period, and the question is how valid and credible that census is. Throughout 30 years of independence, my personal opinion is that there is little relevance in either census. And if we take that as a logical matrix, we make a very important and serious inventory.

The 2021 census is not a topic anywhere in the world. For me, 3 key postulates are important. The census data is the basis for the Government’s strategic economic policy. It is also important for companies and individuals for business policy. And third, the census is important for census policies. For example, they want to build a gym. For how many people should that hall be made?

Why is the census important? When a company invests, how many people are needed for that company? Do companies know how many products they need to make to meet the market?

We need to count both citizens and consumers, because the modern word for citizen is consumer. That is why the census is a statistical operation. The third aspect is state-economic and strategic policies. The census must be done. Hypothetically, lets say the census will not take place this year. We should do it later under strong EU pressure.

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