The Madman’s Blacklist


It’s an honor to be on the blacklists (notebooks). We’ve often found ourselves in them. For my known and unknown friends, it’s a recognition that we are doing something good. The blacklists of the black shadows of humanity will never intimidate us.


Putin’s propaganda accuses of Russophobia... And warned that it’s carefully documenting those who manifest Russophobia. A malicious warning that revenge awaits anyone who thinks differently from the tyrant from the Kremlin.


Russophobia or an aspiration for peace and freedom?


Are the millions of Russians who don’t want war against neighboring, brotherly and peaceful Ukraine Russophobes? They want to see Putin at the prosecutor’s table, being held responsible for his crimes against the Russian and all other people he has destroyed and is now destroying. That makes them Russophobes? Because they want peace, freedom and justice?

Are the Russians Russophobes? Are we, who have grown up, among others, with Turgenev, Tchaikovsky, Pasternak and hundreds of others, Russophobes? Or has the darkest force in the new history of the world decided to settle scores with the world?


And the regime of the world tyrant is making blacklists. What else is his job? And he is warning that he is making blacklists… We know, he didn’t have to waste words telling us that he is making blacklists.

And we know that he is aware: The hundred-year-old doctrine of carrying out a “special war” with disinformation and masquerade is not working anymore. And for a long time the blacklists haven’t had the same effect as in the time of the Warsaw Pact.

Nowadays, the blacklist is a list of all those fighting, as they know and can, for the freedom of Ukraine and the world, but also for the freedom of Russia. Freedom from the tyranny.


The Ukrainian fighters are fighting for all of us

Yes, those Ukrainian fighters who today will be holding the line of defense in Kyiv, Mariupol, Odessa…

They are also fighting for our freedom, for the freedom of the world, for the freedom of their Russian neighbors.

And let’s not forget, victims of the slowness, inertia, conformism and bureaucracy are also those children who today will fire Putin’s missiles. Putin is directly responsible, but it would have been different if the world hadn’t been selfish.

We are not Russophobes. Putin is.

Putin is the one we don’t like, we and the countless millions of Russians, because he is a murderer, and because he has already destroyed the lives of millions of people across Europe and Asia. Now he wants to destroy the Ukrainian nation as well. He is threatening to destroy the entire world, with the pale hand on the red button.

We are not Russophobes. On the contrary, we respect Russia, and many of us sincerely like it. Putin hates Russia and is afraid of her. He is afraid of free, peaceful, developed and open Russia. Precisely Putin and his clique are Russophobes.

The Madman

Many people in the world call him The Madman, but he is just infinitely bloodthirsty, evil and selfish. Maybe he really is mad. A reason more to remove him from the position he is in.

Putinists should not be alarmed by this name. The Madman phenomenon isn’t new. In the 1970s, Richard Nixon played that card (The Madman theory). And brought nothing good for the world. Now, Putin is trying to play the same game. He is not the only one in the world, but rather is the most dangerous Madman (with or without quotation marks) so far.



A world with Putin at the prosecutor’s table or in Arkham Asylum will have a chance to be better. A world with him at the commanding position has a chance only to crumble or be completely destroyed.


We, on the blacklist, have chosen. These are days when everyone needs to decide, to “get on” the Madman’s blacklist or to stand in the procession behind him and to take all of us together in the abyss from which there is no returning.


Translation: N. Cvetkovska