CIVIL is saying end privileges and demands cancelling of privileges

The event END PRIVILEGES (#EndPrivileges) organized by CIVIL, will be held tomorrow (Wednesday, June 5) at café Menada in the Old Town in Skopje, starting at 5.00 pm. All interested citizens, the media, politicians and officials are invited. CIVIL treats everyone equally, therefore, there are no special invitations or protocol, but the announcement itself can be considered as an open invitation for everyone. There are no special speakers, but instead all participants will have the opportunity to speak. CIVIL’s representatives will present the demands and will give an introduction to the discussion, and afterwards, participants at the event are expected to express their views and propose solutions based on which the initiative will be led in the future.

Thousands of citizens across the country have supported the initiative “END PRIVILEGES!” for cancelling the privileges of officials, which CIVIL initiated on May 14 this year. Although not mentioned, CIVIL has also been supported by several officials. CIVIL has already received several proposals, and even a legal text for regulating the positions and the status of officials and administration workers has been prepared, which will be shared with the public at the event.

Citizens for decades have been facing a bitter reality. People working in institutions who have been entrusted with high responsibilities, life, health, dignity, justice, rights and freedoms, are displaying utter immoral and greed. Privileges enjoyed by officials in the Republic of North Macedonia can rarely be seen anywhere else in the world, and certainly not in the developed democratic countries. The privileges that officials themselves have voted for over the years, since the country’s independence, are nothing else but abuse and dissipation.

Taking into consideration the regional and worldwide experiences, the fact that the Republic of North Macedonia is poor and the basic principles of good governance, CIVIL demands cancelling, that is, reducing the privileges enjoyed by officials, elected and appointed, former and current, local and state officials, to a reasonable level. In other words, the privileges that are enjoyed by officials are real dissipation.

CIVIL demands END PRIVILEGES. According to CIVIL, the biggest privilege is to serve the interests of the citizens, to work on the development of democracy, the rule of law and respect for human rights and freedoms. There is no, and there should be no bigger privilege than that!

The demands for cancelling the privileges of ALL OFFICIALS, elected and appointed, former and current, at the local and national level, were published in CIVIL’s press release on May 14. The organization submitted the demands to the Parliament of the RNM on May 17, 2019, five minutes to twelve o’clock.

CIVIL invites the citizens to join the initiative END PRIVILEGES and to contribute to the cancelling of the privileges of officials, that is, their regulation and setting of reasonable boundaries, in accordance with the possibilities of citizens.

On June 5, before the start of the event at 5.00 pm, starting from 12.00 noon and onwards, at the same location, CIVIL’s team will be available for statements for the media, meetings and consultations with citizens whose proposals and documents are welcome. The event will be broadcasted live on CIVIL’s Facebook page and YouTube channel.

Channels where there will be live broadcasting of the event END PRIVILEGES on June 5 (Wednesday) starting at 5.00 pm are:

CIVIL Facebook

Comments and proposals may be submitted at the following contacts:

[email protected]
[email protected]



The organization that is continuously in contact with the citizens and creates its programs and projects in accordance to the essential needs for defending human rights and freedoms, is in action once again, this time in Skopje. Following the numerous visits to municipalities throughout the country, CIVIL is sending out an invitation for an all-day hang out in the Old Town in Skopje, Wednesday, June 5.

The activities on June 5 will start with the awarding of five prizes for citizen journalism at café Menada, at 12 noon. The number of prizes awarded in the past three years for citizen journalism is already over 100. The ceremony will be led by Xhabir Deralla, and at the event the five awarded materials from citizen journalists sent to CIVIL in the past three months will be presented.

In the afternoon, starting from 2.00 pm, CIVIL’s team will set up an info stand for the project Green Future, in front of the South East European University, at the entrance of the old Town in Skopje, right next to café Menada. Those interested can learn about the project and the manner in which they can join in the activities for promoting green values, social justice and anti-nationalism, which are interconnected and indivisible areas to which the project Green future is dedicated.

During the entire afternoon, starting from 1.00 pm, interested citizens will have the opportunity to meet with CIVIL’s team and to submit proposals and initiatives, to report cases of violation of human rights, to offer solutions to the problems that concern the citizens.

As always, the media are welcome to ask for information and statements on all topics they are interested in.

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