CIVIL condemns hate speech and violence: Views are defended with facts, not with violence!

CIVIL most strongly condemns hate speech, hate crime and violence that result from the inability or unpreparedness to debate publically with arguments. Regardless of which “side” the destructive incidents come from in society and on the political scene, regardless of whether it concerns politically, ethnically or religiously motivated incidents, they cannot and must not be justified and kept silent.

CIVIL, which itself is also a target of longstanding and everyday attacks with lies, slander, hate speech and threats to the lives of its representatives and activists, always and without an exception condemns the initiators, those ordering and carrying out these acts.

And in the case with Ljupco Palevski, who according to information in the public has been attacked and beaten in front of his home, CIVIL expresses its concern and condemnation and demands from the institutions to find and sanction the perpetrators of this violent act.

Violence and hate speech never, under any circumstances, are an appropriate response for anything. Views are defended with facts, not with violence!

CIVIL Communication Team

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