Freedom Festival with an exceptionally dynamic and diverse program on International Human Rights Day

CIVIL is organizing the final night of this year’s Freedom Festival on December 10,  International Human Rights Day, at the Museum of the City of Skopje, from 5.30 pm to 11.00 pm. With this edition of the Festival, CIVIL at the same time marks 20 years of the founding of CIVIL, a civil society organization whose uncompromising fight for human rights and freedoms has made it one of the most visible in the Republic of North Macedonia.



The last festival night includes a rich multimedia program at different points of the Museum. Part of the program includes a music performance by Foltin, which will be preceded by a musical presentation by songwriter Yon Idy.

The festival starts at 5.30 pm with the activist photo exhibition EXP(L)OSURE!, where numerous displays and slides will be shared with the audience that are a kind of artefacts of the activism and events in which CIVIL has participated or organized. The organizers will also set up a stand for free copies of some of CIVIL’s rich publishing production.

At the very entrance of the Museum of the City of Skopje, the audience will have the opportunity to watch the DJ performances by Sonja Ismail, Marga Sol and Dino in the programme segment called SOUNDS. MOVEMENT. from 6.00 pm to 9.00 pm.

WORDS.MOVEMENT. is the title of the programme segment with poetry and performances by Vladanka Dimkovska and Petrit Saracini.

Parallel to all these activities, there will be a PODIUM set up, where activists, citizens, friends, public figures, politicians and artists will have the opportunity to speak on the open microphone on one of the following topics: human rights, citizen participation or, simply, to express a thought related to their experience in or with CIVIL.

The activist film program THE LENS OF CHANGE begins at 7.00 pm, where videos of successful activist stories from our country and from around the world will be projected.


All citizens are welcome to mark the International Human Rights Day, as well as the anniversary of their CIVIL. All together, in an activist spirit, they can send a strong message for respect of human rights, everywhere and without exception.



CIVIL Communication Team


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