The rampage in schools must stop, while those involved must bear full responsibility

CIVIL expresses concern over the contents that have been posted on the Instagram profile “Craziest school videos”. The latest news on the behavior of students in schools across the country has to be taken very seriously, and institutions have to react immediately according to the legal provisions. An urgent investigation is necessary on the motives and background of these series of incidents.

We demand for the administrators of this profile to be immediately found, as well as all participants in the incidents that have been recorded and posted on the social networks.

At the same time, we call on the school principles, pedagogues, psychologists and professional services, as well as parent councils, to immediately take serious action, including the forming of working groups that will offer urgent and efficient solutions for overcoming this unfortunate incidence. This also implies taking decisive and strict discipline measures for all those involved, but also initiating an investigation and legal sanctions for all those who have enabled, motivated these incidents or have not reacted accordingly to their competencies.

We call on parents to serious engage, and cooperate with the professional services and with the competent institutions, such as the police and public prosecutor’s office and to engage in solving this problem.

Furthermore, we call on the Ministry of Education and the State Education Inspectorate to urgently engage in dealing with this threat.

The fact that representatives of the teaching staff are present in part of this video where inappropriate attitude of students is seen, is of concern. This torture of classmates and professors has to stop, and for those involved to bear full responsibility. We must not remain silent to such savage behavior.

CIVIL Communication Team

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