Illegal landfill – a threat to houses in Drugovo

An artificial landfill, created with the construction of the roadway section Kicevo – Ohrid, is a potential threat to residents of the village of Drugovo.

There are dozens of cubic meters of soil and stones at this landfill, which during more intense rainfalls slide down to the houses in the settlement of Gorno Maalo, where there are houses and around 450 residents. In addition to the danger of landslides, there is also danger of flooding similar to the one in the Skopje village of Stajkovci.


Although the residents of Drugovo have addressed the Municipality and the construction company persorming the construction works - Granit several times, nothing has been undertaken until now for rehabilitating the illegal landfill. The only response they have recieved is that it will be rehabilitated once the construction of the road is finished.

The people in Drugovo have been fearing every rain for the past year and a half, beacause the water from the landfill is flowing directly into their houses.

Amdija Emini


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