Milevski: Local elections will have open lists

The next elections for municipal council members will be with open lists, for which we have political consensus, announced Minister of Local Self-Government Goran Milevski.

“Within the framework of the changes in the functioning of the local self-government, by New Year there should be new amendments to the Law on election of council members, for them to be elected with open lists. There is government consensus for this, the opposition announced that they have nothing against it. This will raise the quality of the municipal councils”, said Milevski.

LDP is also in favour of changing the electoral model. LDP is advocating for open lists and one constituency, a measure for democratization of society. Among the problems of the current Electoral Code, according to Goran Milevski, is also the advertising of candidate lists.

We consider that one constituency, open lists and not being allowed on a coalition, will represent the real situation in the country’, says Milevski.

LDP thinks that all parties should start from zero at election campaigns, and that no one should have advantage. As to the credibility of the voting, according to Milevski, the method of fingerprint identification of voters should be introduced, that is, returned. Regarding the polling stations, we shouldn’t allow for there to be only representatives of the big political parties.

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