Mancevski: The problem is not with the laws, the problem is that they are not respected!

Minister of Information Society and Administration, Damjan Mancevski, said that this ministry will be important in the following period in the organization of the elections, in the part of the Voters Register.

“How we can help? In the Ministry of Information Society and Administration the installation of an electronic register has completed, and soon will be put to use. It should solve the conflict in regards to the different data on citizens. This does not mean that we will be developing the Voters Register, just that we will help. The SEC continues to be responsible for the Voters Register, while this will just be a tool that will assist those preparing the Voters Register”, said Mancevski.

In regards to SDSM’s views, Mancevski highlighted that the party has quite clear positions in the area of the election reforms, which have been included also in the election program, and that he hopes that we finally have the conditions to fulfil that.

“We are efficiently discussing topics that we still find can improve the conditions. The first topic for which results were achieved was the consensus on the new composition of the SEC. The law in a draft form has been sent last year, but we still have no response from VMRO-DPMNE. There was a chance for it to be implemented until now”, says Mancevski, adding that everything that is in the direction of increasing civic rights and freedom is acceptable for SDSM. He then spoke about the law on financing political parties, for which he said that SDSM had agreed to under blackmail and pressure.

“This manner of financing a political campaign was accepted by us under blackmail. In the preparations for the referendum we didn’t have the composition of the SEC elected. We were conditioned to accept this way of financing, because otherwise there would have been no election of new members of the SEC. For VMRO-DPMNE the money was important!”, said Mancevski, calling on the representatives of VMRO-DPMNE to deny these statements.

Mancevski ended with the point that political will is important. “If a law can be adopted, if one wishes to manipulate with elections, then a way will be found for this. The laws are not such of a problem as is the problem of not respecting them. If we are not all dedicated in the process, it doesn’t matter what we agree. We should always fight for more”, concluded Mancevski.

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