Civil was and will remain the voice of the citizens

At CIVIL’s debate “The country for the citizens or the citizens for the country”, a citizen from the audience indicated that CIVIL was loud at the time when information was disinformation and told things that were important for the citizens, and not what some others wanted to present.

“The debate is excellent, but I have one remark, which is why you didn’t invite also representatives of the government to come, because these superb points of the panel speakers will end here and no one from the government will hear them”, said a citizen at the panel discussion.

Xhabir Deralla from CIVIL responded to the well-intentioned criticism, saying that the messages will, nevertheless, reach the institutions and politicians.

“We always invite everyone appropriately, however, if someone does not come to the panel discussion, it does not mean that the message will not reach them. On the contrary, all messages and criticism reach those to whom they refer to, through our media and online channels. As an example, I will mention that in 2016 when I received the CD with the wiretapped conversations, I commented that I thought no one was listening to what we were saying and that our criticism was pointless, when in fact they were heard”, said Deralla.

Dehran Muratov
Camera: Atanas Petrovski
editing: Arian Mehmeti

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