Memedi: We as a political party help to succeed in the census for citizens living abroad

“When the census for the diaspora started, the citizens from outside contacted me that the census started very chaotically. We are helping as a political party to have success in the census for the citizens living abroad “, says Besim Memedi, President of the Council of the Municipality of Gostivar at the panel discussion of CIVIL” Census: Statistics, not politics “.

From a political point of view, I belong to the Alliance of Albanians and we support this census and I have the impression that this census will be held.

There is an increase in Corona numbers, but when the law was passed we were in the second wave, and now what is happening is that can enter the third wave. We need to motivate the citizens to hold this census. As a doctor I call that when you go to houses where it is known that there are positives to go well prepared not to infect anyone else, respecting all measures and protocols for protection against Covid-19. I would rate the census from 1 to 5 to be safe 3 (good).

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