"Here is your Colorfull Revolution" (VIDEO)

Branko Geroski the Editor of “Sloboden Pechat” who received threats to get slapped on twitter by Ljupcho Pavlevski, with the words, “It was enough for Gerica spitface, when I meet him he will be slapped directly with a selfie”

After this threat, Geroski turned to his personal profile that he will be there today at 12PM and will wait ofor Ljupco Palevski in front of the local coffee shop “Manda”. At the location there were a lot of people who where informed by the social media post that wanted to see what will happen, a lot of press and journalists showed up with cameras and equipment to cover the event.

This video is from a citizen journalist from Skopje who wished to stay anonymous.

This post is also available in: Macedonian