CIVIL online survey on citizen journalism

As part of the “Civic Lenses” project that CIVIL – Center for Freedom is implementing for the second year now, CIVIL as of today is starting a new online survey on citizen journalism.

The research on citizen journalism has the aim of detecting the citizens’ trust in the media, as well as of finding out how much the public is informed about the daily political events in the country through the traditional media, and how much through the social networks.

The survey contains questions about how much the citizens are informed through stories of citizen journalists, and how much they consider these stories and news as reliable and relevant.

In that context are also questions about how much the source of information and the author are important to the public, in terms of the relevance of the information itself, and how much of the information shared on the social networks is of an informative character.

Citizen journalism is gaining momentum worldwide and opens topics that the media usually avoid. This new type of informing the public has become one of the basic pillars in the fight for free media and freedom of expression. CIVIL’s survey has the goal of exploring how much the era of the new media is present in Macedonia.

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