CIVIL: Fight against corruption is a fight for democracy and human rights

International Anti-Corruption Day, December 9, marks the continuous fight against the greatest enemy of the rule of law, but also of democracy and human rights. It also implies everyday effort to implement transparent and responsible policies free from party and political influence.

CIVIL has been intensively monitoring corruption for years, especially political corruption, which goes beyond its margins, as a rule, for every election cycle. On International Anti-Corruption Day, CIVIL calls for principle, accountability and transparency of all institutions, reminding that the Law applies to everyone equally and that no one can be entitled to privilege just because they hold a function.

CIVIL remains alert and active, both in the monitoring and in taking specific steps and initiatives in the direction of strengthening public awareness and demand for complete dedication in the fight against corruption.

From today’s perspective, according to assessments of relevant domestic and international reports and analyses, North Macedonia notes great progress, from a captured state in which the party corrupt clique of the authoritarian regime ruled, up to an open government and strengthened institutions in which political will, policies and practices that show readiness of the system to face corruption and crime can be seen.

Unfortunately, despite the strong efforts at all levels and in all sectors of society and the system, the challenges in the fight against corruption still remain. Before the world, and also North Macedonia lies a long road to overcoming the destructive consequences of corruption in society and in institutions.

CIVIL’s message has been and still remains the same: The fight against corruption is a fight for democracy and human rights.

CIVIL Communication Team

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