Transparency and responsibility in the political processes

With an exceptionally interesting agenda, both for the wider public and for the members of the organization’s team, the last preparations are being carried out in the office of CIVIL for the Seminar on strategic planning, education and building partnerships titled “Transparency and responsibility in the political processes”. The agenda is complex and anticipates a dynamic workshop for members of CIVIL’s project teams and the team of collaborators from cities throughout the country, along with sessions open for the public.

The seminar will be held on August 14 and 15, at Hotel Romantique on the coast of the Veles Lake. The number of participants for the open sessions is limited, therefore, the organization invite all those who are interested to announce their presence, and reserves the right to select the participants of the event.

Special guests of the seminar include Head of the Anti-Corruption Commission, Biljana Ivanovska, finance expert, until recently, Advisor to ex-finance minister Tevdovski, human rights activist Branimir Jovanovic, as well as the Mayor of Veles, Ace Kocevski. They will be speaking at sessions that are open for the public.

The presentation of the special guests of the seminar will be a good basis for further activities of civil society organizations and for building intersectoral partnerships for achieving greater transparency and responsibility in the political processes at the local and national level

One of CIVIL’s priorities is certainly the fight against corruption, and the participation of the President of the SCPC, Ivanovska, will be used as a kind of guide for further actions of the organizations, but also of potential partner organization and civic initiatives in this area. The contribution of Branimir Jovanovic is also valuable, who will be speaking on the main topic and the relationship between what has been promised and what has been fulfilled in the recent period.

Jovanovic, better known to the public as an activist for human rights and social justice, otherwise eminent finance expert and until recently government official, and the President of the SCPC, Ivanovska, who has built her previous professional experience and expertise in the State Audit office, will shed light on the most sensitive sectors of the functioning of the system. These topics and issues are logically complemented by the experience of the local government, for which CIVIL invited Mayor of Veles, Kocevski, to speak.

The President of CIVIL, Xhabir Deralla, will be among the speakers at the sessions open for the public, who together with the members of the organization’s project teams will give presentations with examples on abuses of public resources and corruptive behaviour of political parties and their officials, as well as a presentation on the project “Civic Lenses: Transparency and responsibility in the political processes”. Workshops will be held at the closed sessions of the organization for strategic planning and education for different areas of work of the organization in these sensitive areas.

Previously we announced that CIVIL is offering an exclusive opportunity for a limited number of visitors to attend presentations and speeches on extremely hot issues and current topics. The invitation for applying and the agenda for the open sessions is available online, and for those who will not succeed to apply or will be rejected due to limited space, will have the possibility to follow media contents of CIVIL Media, where the messages and information that the speakers will share at the seminar will be published.

The seminar is part of the project "Civic Lences: Transparency and responsibility in the political processes", financially supported by National Endowment for Democracy, from October 2015.

CIVIL Communication Team

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