Putin, that ugly historical replay

The man who has lost touch with reality, has invaded Ukraine. And world peace.


What the US President, intelligence and experts have been claiming for weeks, has shown to be true. Putin has been preparing for a military aggression the whole time and never had the intention to allow for a diplomatic solution. The scenario was known and published in detail, no matter how much the world, especially Europe, didn’t want to believe in that.

Scene by scene, act by act, all hopes were abandoned that Putin might come to his senses and will remain to sail through diplomatic waters. No matter how clumsily he did that and with fantastic demands. A large part of European politicians, on the other hand, seemed to have hoped that, if they closed their eyes tightly, somehow the evil rumble of the war would pass. Despite the fact that in Ukraine, in the midst of an eight-year (un)declared war, 14,000 people have already been killed and a Ukrainian soldier or civil is killed every day.

Nevertheless, US President Biden knew at least a bit more that the others. And that’s how it was – Putin embarked in a new phase of his military quest on Ukraine, started in 2014. This really could be expected from the man who all these years is trying to “sell” the false imperial splendor of Russia, and who perceives himself as a modern Russian emperor.

In order to justify his act, probably before himself, since no one normal in the world believes him anyway, he held an angry and theatrical speech in which he declared his decision to recognize the Ukraine region of Donetsk and Luhansk as “independent and sovereign people’s republics”. This was immediately followed by signing of decrees for recognizing and supporting the “people’s republics”. With that, came also the “unpredictable” decision for sending Russian “peacekeeping” forces to the territories that have been occupied since 2014 precisely by Putin’s marionettes and paramilitaries that he strongly helps and arms.


Certainly, Putin “supported” the recognition with a “state’ act typical only for him, to protect the Russians from “genocide” in Ukraine. How appropriate, his dogs of war from the “independent people’s republics” in Donetsk and Luhansk sought protection and there, they have received it. Theatre for small children. But bloody.

In the dawn (22.02.2022), Russian tanks entered Ukraine territory in the Donetsk region and marked the start of the invasion, after which nothing will ever be the same in the world.

In his speech, which preceded the invasion, Putin told even more lies than is usual for him. Perhaps former Swedish Prime Minister Carl Bildt gave the best description of this speech , who wrote:


“If I compare it to the speech in March 2014, when Russia annexed Crimea, this was far more boisterous, scattered and unrelated. And more dangerous. Now he is bringing into question the very existence of Ukraine as a nation. This is a man with enormous power who has lost touch with reality”.

For Putin, the facts are never important. He feels powerful enough to build a completely different kind of reality, the way he imagines it in his head. For him, the facts are incomparably weaker arguments than his tanks, rockets and bombs. Manipulation or denying of facts and pumping of muscles – this is what his strategy is based on in the long-term propaganda and hybrid war against the West.

Now it’s quite clear, the man who has lost touch with reality, and who never was in touch with the facts – will not give up his dream to restore the “imperial splendor” of Russia. He wants to reshape history the way he himself understands it in the meaningless essay “On the Historical Unity of Russians and Ukraines” (July, 2021). At the cost of destroying humanity. As he said at the International policy forum in Sochi (October, 2018):

“The aggressor should know that revenge is inevitable, that they will be destroyed, and we would be victims of the aggression. We will go to heaven as martyrs, and they will only fall dead. They will not even have time to repent of this”.

Certainly, in Putin’s imaginary world everyone is an aggressor, only he is defending himself. Everyone will die, and he will go to heaven. Something already seen throughout history, we are now just seeing the ugly replay. If he continues the way he has started, this will probably be the last replay for humanity.




Translation: N. Cvetkovska