New experience with citizen journalism in Stip

CIVIL is organizing another big seminar on citizen journalism on March 23 and 24 in Stip. The number of participants is limited to 25, and those interested from the Skopje, Vardar, Northeast, East and Southeast planning region have the right to participate.

All citizens can apply for the seminar. All that is needed is good will, enthusiasm and a smartphone. An application for participation, which can be found on the following link, has to be filled out. This time again, a separate committee will verify and approve the received applications.

The two-day seminar on citizen journalism will cover topics that will help all future citizen journalists build skills and acquire practical knowledge in the area of journalism, objective and timely informing and reporting, as well as on the benefits of modern technologies and communication platforms. Participants will be able to learn also about the new components of the project, which facilitate the direct participation of all those interested in the implementation of the project, in the part of the teams of the media platform or in the work of CIVIL as an organization, in general.

Seminar on citizen journalism, Veles, February 2019, photo: Biljana Jordanovska/CIVIL

From the organization’s experience, it is known that a large number of members of the project teams had first been visitors to these seminars. As an example is the latest awarding of prizes for citizen journalism, where the participants of the exceptionally successful regional seminar in Veles (February 2019) won two prizes (first and fourth).

An important project component is “Media of the communities”, with which the participants in Stip will also become familiar, which has the goal to form two teams that will be financially supported by CIVIL to start their own blog with information contents on local events. In this way, participation in the seminar will also be a kind of preparatory selection of the most successful ones who will be given the opportunity to start their own media project.

Participants who will be selected for participation will be additionally informed about where the two-day seminar will be held and the exact time it will start. The seminar is free of charge. All travel costs for the participants will be covered in the amount of a bus ticket, and costs for food and accommodation will also be covered by the organization.

For more information, CIVIL invites all interested persons to ask questions on CIVIL’s Facebook page or on the Facebook page of citizen journalists, and certainly to visit the website of the Civic Lenses project or to immediately become part of the initiative #IDemandanAnswer

#CivicLenses is a project that combines research, media activities and activism, which are also the basis for long-term monitoring of the situation of human rights and freedoms and the election processes. This project is contributing towards development of citizen journalism in the country for the fourth year. The project is financed by National Endowment for Democracy.

B. Jordanovska

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